Cargo insurance

Property in transit - "cargo" transported by various transport or multimodal transportation.

Damage or loss (loss) of all or part of the insured cargo that occurred for any reason other than the Exceptions described in the Insurance Agreement, on the terms "with responsibility for all risks"

The DD General Insurance company strives to offer its customers the most safe and comfortable conditions for cargo transportation. For this reason, we are independently engaged in insurance of transportation, even dangerous goods, in Tashkent and Uzbekistan. We offer one-time cargo insurance, or a general cargo insurance contract for transportation lasting for a year or more.

Thanks to the many years of experience of our company, its impeccable reputation, cargo transportation risk insurance is only an additional measure of protection, affordable and easy to design. The insurance amount offered for cargo insurance during transportation is always agreed with the client, suits all parties and includes the entire cost of the cargo, and may also include the expected profit.

List of required documents for registration of an insurance policy:

  1. Application form in the form of the Insurance Company
  2. Invoice or cargo invoice
  3. Packing list of the shipped goods

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