Accident insurance (24 hours a day)

Insurance coverage is provided to the Insured against an accident

The Insurance Company provides insurance coverage to the Insured against accidents (including injuries at work and at home 24 hours a day), which led to:

- traumatic injury and / or other health disorder of the Insured Person;

- permanent damage to health (disability) of the Insured Person;

- death of the Insured person.

Insurance against accidents, injuries, and other adverse situations is a classic type of insurance protection that is used everywhere to protect against adverse circumstances that will hit your wallet.

The programs of this type of insurance are diverse and flexible, and the cost of purchasing a policy is incommensurable with the value that financial freedom gives in a difficult situation. We will create an individual perimeter of protection for you, which will allow you to look to the future with confidence.

List of required documents for registration of an insurance policy:


1. Application form in the form of the Insurance Company


2. Passport of the Policyholder and / or the person subject to insurance (the Insured Person).

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