Professional civil liability

The occurrence of civil liability of the Policyholder for causing harm to the Beneficiaries in connection with the implementation of professional activities:

  • auditor;
  • accountant;
  • notary;
  • appraiser;
  • realtor;
  • medical / pharmaceutical worker;
  • detective / security activities;
  • architectural activities;
  • other professional activities (including the activities of actuaries, collectors, energy audits, fire safety expertise, construction audits, cadastral engineers).

An insured event is the fact of civil liability of the Insured to the Beneficiary, which was the result of negligence, error or omission in the performance of the Insured's professional activities, as a result of which the Beneficiary suffered losses.

The company DD "General Insurance" provides professional liability insurance conditions, specially designed for various types of professions.

We guarantee high standards of settlement of losses, including elements of quality control of settlement at different levels of management of the company.

The possibility of organizing insurance by AIG units in other countries of the world, including the possibility of developing a global insurance program with the issuance of local risk insurance policies in countries to meet the legal requirements or the requirements of the policyholder.

List of required documents for registration of an insurance policy:


  1. Application form in the form of the Insurance Company
  2. Certificate of state registration

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