Страхование транспортных средств «Быстрая выплата»



Damage or physical destruction of the vehicle as a result of all risks, with the exception of a road traffic accident committed by the Driver in a state of intoxication and theft of the vehicle or its parts.

The insurance company guarantees prompt settlement of the insurance indemnity payment within 3 working days without requiring additional documents. At our own expense, our company will provide round-the-clock evacuation of the damaged vehicle from the event site to the service station within the city of Tashkent and 10 kilometers outside the Tashkent Ring Road.
We will ensure that a representative of the company and an independent appraiser visit the scene of the accident. The representative will measure the amount of alcohol when the driver exhales with an electronic breathalyzer, as well as make a video recording of the driver's location and condition. Assistance from the Company's representative In the process of reviewing the event and collecting the necessary documents for the payment of insurance compensation, we will provide all the necessary actions.

DD "General Insurans" provides direct participation of the company's representative in the process of registration and consideration of the event in the competent authorities (traffic police, Court, etc.).

List of required documents for registration of an insurance policy:


1. Application form in the form of the Insurance Company


2. Vehicle inspection


3. Technical passport of the vehicle


4. Passport (if the applicant is an individual)

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