Voluntary vehicle insurance

  1. Vehicles
  2. Civil liability to third parties
  3. Accidents with the Driver / passengers
  4. Additional equipment installed
  5. Expanded vehicle evacuation coverage

1. Death, theft or damage to a vehicle and the consequence of: Traffic accident, Fire, Explosion, Impact and / or falling objects, Natural disasters, theft, theft, theft, robbery and assault, damage to the vehicle by third parties.

2. Civil liability to third parties in case of an accident.

3. Accidents with the Driver / passengers during an accident.

4. A) Loss, theft or damage of Additional Installed Equipment due to the occurrence of the specified risks in Section 1.
B) Expanded vehicle evacuation coverage

We make a quick settlement for the payment of the insurance indemnity and assist in the process of reviewing the event and collecting the necessary documents for the payment of the insurance indemnity.

DD "General Insurance" provides direct participation of the Company's representative in the process of registration and consideration of the event in the competent authorities (traffic police, Court, etc.).

In cases where the amount of damage does not exceed 5% of the cost of the car, the provision of a certificate of the traffic police (GAI) is not mandatory. Our company has a large number of service providers (car service stations, tow trucks, etc.) in the field of providing additional services.

List of required documents for registration of an insurance policy:


1. Application form in the form of the Insurance Company

2. Vehicle inspection

3. Technical passport of the vehicle

4. Passport (if the applicant is an individual)

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