Infectious disease insurance

More than 140 diseases, including critical ones: diabetes mellitus, viral hepatitis, tuberculosis, oncological diseases, infectious diseases.

The amount of the insurance payment is determined as a percentage of the insured amount according to the Insurance Contract (from 1 % to 100 %, depending on the disease).

  • You will receive an insurance payment for diseases that are not covered by traditional insurance: diabetes, viral hepatitis, tuberculosis, cancer.
  • You decide how to use the insurance benefit.

Sudden illness may require long-term treatment and high costs. "Infectious Diseases insurance" will provide you with financial protection and will allow you not to think about where to get money for treatment. In addition, the insurance will help to compensate for the expenses for the period of temporary disability.

1. A document containing information about the disease and when it was first diagnosed (an extract from the card of an outpatient/ inpatient patient (form, sick leave, etc.). 


2. Passport

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