Construction and installation works insurance

What can we insure?

  1.  Insurance of construction and installation works:
  • construction objects;
  • installation objects;
  • construction/installation site equipment;
  • construction machines and mechanisms;
  • expenses for clearing the territory after an insured event;

​​​​       2.  Civil liability of the policyholder to third parties

1. Insurance of construction and installation works

The Insurer provides insurance coverage to the property interests of the Insured (Beneficiary), in the event of material damage directly from the following risks: fire, explosion, lightning strike, falling aircraft, spontaneous combustion, burglary, robbery, illegal actions of third parties, flood, flood, heavy rain, avalanches, mudflow, tornado, hurricane, storm, typhoon, landslide, flooding, pipe rupture , earthquake, soil subsidence, landslide, short circuit, overvoltage, electric arcs, failure of engineering networks (water supply, sewerage, heat supply, power supply), falling of machines and mechanisms, building materials and structures, unconscious use of defective materials and structures.

2. Insurance of civil liability for harm to third parties during construction and installation work

An insured event is an event that occurred in the process of the Insured, his representative, a subcontractor of construction and installation work and entailed the Insured's obligation to compensate for damage caused to the life, health and / or property of third parties as a result of third parties' property claims against him for compensation for damage , provided that: - the responsibility of the Insured is determined by the legislation of the Republic of Uzbekistan; - the damage was caused in direct causal connection with the implementation of construction and installation work by the Insured; - an accident that caused damage to third parties took place within the territory of the work performed or in the immediate vicinity of it.

We will conduct a free pre-insurance examination of the construction project and together with you we will draw up an optimal set of measures to protect the interests of all parties involved in its implementation. The effectiveness of insurance in construction is to save the Customer and the Contractor by eliminating the creation of reserve funds for unforeseen expenses, which reach 10% of the estimated cost of construction, while the cost of insurance is usually no more than 1%.

All insurance programs are developed by DD General Insurance individually for each client. For each insurance program, survey (engineering) inspections are carried out, which allow you to qualitatively assess the risk and its consequences. The inspections are carried out by both highly qualified specialists and representatives of the largest international specialized companies.

List of required documents for registration of an insurance policy:


  1. Application form in the form of the Insurance Company
  2. Copy of the work contract
  3. Copy of design and estimate documentation

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